Safe Ship Moving Services: A Timeline for Your Move

Moving is stressful, says Safe Ship Moving Services. However, if you are able to cross off the items on your moving checklist as you go, your planning may pay off with a significant reduction in stress levels.
Here’s the only moving checklist you’ll need for your move:

Two months before your move

Organize and schedule movers.

Two months before your move is a reasonable amount of notice to give if you’re looking to hire a professional moving company. This is especially important during the summer, as many movers are typically booked a month or more before moving day, notes Safe Ship Moving Services.

Start packing non-essential items.

It may seem too soon to fill up boxes, but packing any non-essential items now will be something you thank yourself for in the days before your moving day.

Safe Ship Moving Services suggests packing items you seldom use and things you don’t plan to use before the move. This includes items such as special occasion tableware, books, photographs, memorabilia, holiday decorations, and seasonal clothing.

One month before your move

Order essential moving supplies.

Moving is a pricey process. Making sure you have everything you need to pack your items is a large chunk of that cost. At this point, you have to make sure you have all the essentials you need, such as packing tape, moving boxes, permanent markers, and bubble wrap.

Make a list of people to notify of your move.

It’s important to put together a list of people or organizations who need to know that you’re moving, adds Safe Ship Moving Services. This list includes your workplace, your bank, utility companies, and any organizations you or your family might be a part of, such as sports clubs.

Start packing more of your items.

Three to four weeks before moving is the ideal time to start packing.

Safe Ship Moving Services notes that starting early gives you a sufficient amount of time to sort through your stuff, declutter, and pack efficiently without feeling rushed or stressed. It also allows you to label your boxes properly and create an inventory, making unpacking easier at your new home.

Pack less important items first, and pack your daily essentials as your move gets closer.

Two weeks before your move

Label your boxes.

With packing well underway, now is the time to make sure your boxes are labeled correctly so that you can easily locate items before moving and after.

Label your moving boxes with the name of the room it is going to. Safe Ship Moving Services also says that it pays to be careful with your labeling, especially if you’ll be without your belongings for a few days. Don’t write “valuable” or words like “TV” on boxes – this could invite theft. Just write “fragile” instead.

One week before your move

Pack remaining items.

The final week before your move is the right time to pack the rest of your household items. This means packing your kitchen items, aside from the items that you’ll need to prepare meals – such as saucepans, utensils, glasses and mugs, and some cutlery.

Pack most of your toiletries, leaving out only the essentials for personal hygiene that will be used in the days leading up to the move, such as toothpaste, soap, and shampoo.

The day before your move

Put together a bag of essentials.

Moving day will probably be chaotic. Safe Ship Moving Services suggests packing a suitcase containing only the key items you’ll need after getting settled into your new home.

Pack everyone’s toothbrushes, bed sheets, pajamas, blankets, pillows, and clothes to make the first night and the next morning less stressful.

Safe Ship Moving Services is a fully licensed and bonded interstate household goods moving broker. The company’s mission is to provide exceptional moving services fueled by professionalism, integrity, and outstanding customer care. Learn more about its services by clicking here.

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